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How Long Is Child Support Valid For In Pennsylvania?

Typically, child support should terminate upon the child turning 18 or until they graduate high school, whichever comes first. The complaint about support is initiated at any time before the child’s 18th birthday.

What Might Be Some Reasons For Requesting A Modification Of a Child Support Agreement?

If one of the parties finances changed for whatever reason when the order was first entered, that change in finances would be enough to file a petition to modify and have the conditions examined by the support master.

What Recourse Does Someone Have If A Parent Fails To Pay Child Support?

A petition for enforcement is filed if the non-custodial parent is not paying and the custodial parent is not receiving payment according to the order; they can file a petition for contempt of the decree. Once the arrears amount gets large enough, the court will file anyway. It is possible if someone is not paying that the court will initiate an order for contempt or enforcement.

What Ramifications Can Someone Face If They Fail To Pay Child Support?

You can be in contempt of court, and face a judge. That judge will demand payment, or you will be going to jail potentially.

Can Someone Face Driver’s License Ramifications For Failure To Pay Child Support?

Yes, you can have your driver’s license suspended; including your passport, if you are not a U.S. citizen. It could create problems with your Green Card or immigration status too.

If Parents Reside In the Different States Which State Gets To Determine Child Support?

The child support case is established in the county where the child resides. If the non-custodial parent lives in a different state, then it is an interstate child support case and the state where the non-custodial parent lives are the state that will collect the money, and transferred to the custodial parent’s count.

How Can Someone Resolve Child Support Issues Without Going To Court?

The best thing is for the parents to work it out among themselves, and keep it out of court, that’s always the best option. I would not advise changing the amount that is paid based on a verbal agreement if this total is different from the sum of the order because that will only create problems. Nevertheless, if there is an agreement as to the amount and how much it should change, that can be filed as an agreement with the court.

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