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Client Testimonials

Experienced And Observant!

“Scott Cohen treated me with a lot of respect. He kept up with his case. He made me feel very comfortable. Follow and listen to his advice, he knows his stuff. Experienced, observant and know to get your point across. Alongside you knowing your situation together you can get great results. He treats me with respect and patience. He listens and wants the best.”

Giselle F.

He is very professional.

Tyree H.

Very professional and knowledgeable

Mari B.

Very Good And Professional

“He will always be my family law attorney from here on out because he gets result done. Very good and professional.”

Anthony B.

Scott Cohen Provides Excellent Legal Representation

“Scott has represented me and a friend for legal advice on a few occasions. He provided detailed relevant information regarding the cases and was very responsive to my questions. His expertise with the court system saved me a lot of time.”

A Satisfied Client

Cohen Saved My LIFE !!!

“Scott wasn’t just a Great Lawyer but he really cares about your case. This man really saved my life TWICE. He’s almost like a guardian angel to me seriously FIRST CASE was a DUI he got it dismissed and off my record. 2nd Case was an Unlicensed Firearm, he also got that DISMISSED too !!! Scott Cohen is the best lawyer best price with the BEST SERVICE I absolutely recommend nobody else but him. He saved me TWICE I will never forget what he did for me may god bless him !!”

L. Robinson

A Personal Family Lawyer Is The Way To Go When Planning Your Wills/Estate

“My husband and I had been talking about drafting up our wills and estate plan since the birth of our first child in 2011. When our second child was born in 2013 and we still hadn’t done anything with wills or estate planning, we revisited the idea and had decided we would “do it ourselves” through Legal Zoom or some other website. However, around the same time our son was born in 2011 we had friends encouraging us to read the book: Wear Clean Underwear by Alexis Martin Neely. I finally read it after our daughter was born. Without giving too much away, it was set up in the “choose your own adventure” style of writing and really put things into perspective.

I read the book in one sitting and immediately began searching for a Personal Family Lawyer. I threw all ideas of a DIY will and estate plan out of the window. I had it narrowed down to three Personal Family Lawyers and chose Scott based upon his profile. He didn’t just throw out legal jargon. He talked about his interests, his family and kids, and his passion for his work. I liked that he put himself out there and wanted his clients to get to know him as a person and not just keep a potential client at arm’s length. I appreciated the personal touch. I emailed Scott Cohen’s practice and had a response the next day (I had sent my email around 10:30PM the previous evening)! I told my husband that I had made an appointment, a Family Wealth Planning session, with him to discuss our options/needs (fee for a FWP session is waived if you read the book and visit At this point my husband was not yet “sold” because the upfront cost is more than if you simply go to law firm which specializes in wills and estate planning (like my own aunt for instance). On the car ride home I was explaining the difference between a “normal” estate plan and one through a Personal Family Lawyer, like Scott. Once the Kids’ Protection Plan came up (something that is not covered thoroughly with a standard will or estate plan), there was no turning back. We knew that’s what we wanted for our kids and extended families in the event of a tragedy.

So we scheduled our next appointment with Scott. The official documents are only part of the relationship we have begun to build with Scott. He is our lawyer for our entire lifetime (at no additional cost). That upfront cost I mentioned earlier is it. It’s a flat rate for his services for your entire lifetime. You will not need to pay to have your wills and estate plan updated because that would be included in whichever plan option you choose. Scott is very professional. He made sure that we understood everything. To top it off, he even baked and brought us homemade cookies on the day of our last meeting (until the next time!). I wonder how many estate planning lawyers do that for all their clients. Scott answered every email within 24 hours and every phone call practically instantly. We are impressed. We are so happy we made the investment. Not only do we feel safeguarded in the event of a tragedy, but we feel like our relationship with Scott will only grow…just like our family. We highly recommend and endorse him.”


Highly Recommend Mr. Cohen

“Scott so far has been on top of things, getting me the results I am looking for. The moment he started on my case things started to turn around. It is still the beginning but things are going well. I am very pleased with his work, expertise, and availability when I need him. Nothing is too difficult for him and if you have a problem or concern he gets right on it. Highly recommend him.”


Child Support

“This guy literally saved my life. I had a child support order that was like one that will make you jump out the window. He helped me negotiate with a hostile X wife and brought it down to an amount i could afford, now I don’t have to think of myself as a deadbeat Dad. I am now building relationships and trust with my children. It would have been a shame to lose my children to the child support system. So, If you need a good lawyer to help you settle some family issues. Scott is your man! Oh I forgot I live in Chicago and my X lives in Philadelphia and we did this all over the phone.”


Great Attorney

“I have used Scott Cohen for my legal issues and was very pleased with his work. I have referred others to him as well. Scott will keep you informed about your case and provide you with sound legal advice. If you need an attorney, definitely give Scott a call.”


Daughter’s Estate Planning

“Scott helped us with our daughter’s estate planning. He was not only very knowledgeable but also very thorough.”


I Highly Recommend Scott Alan Cohen

“Scott Cohen knows the law, knows how to appropriately use it. He stepped in when there was so much legal injustice occurring in my custody case. Last minute he was able to jump in and stop the other party from gaining emergency custody because there was just no emergency, This is only one of the things he has done for me and my son, He knows proper court etiquette and uses it. He makes himself available pretty much anytime that you need to communicate. He is amazingly understanding especially when it comes to the emotional aspect of the situation. He is friendly but does not play around when it comes to getting the job done. My son will be coming back to me soon and I give all the credit to Scott Cohen. I highly recommend Scott Cohen to anyone who needs a family lawyer.”


Best Family Lawyer in Philadelphia

“Scott is not only a skillful and outstanding attorney, he is extremely compassionate and a devoted human being. He will return your phone calls promptly, listen carefully and will be by your side throughout your entire legal matter. Scott has always been attentive to details and very strategic in his approach. He has helped me successfully with my Custody battle which literally saved my life!!! I will highly recommend his services to my entire family and friends. Stop looking around and hire Scott if you want a phenomenal and caring Family Lawyer in Philadelphia.”



“I highly recommend Scott . Scott represented me on my family law case and was extremely attentive to my personal needs and the complexities of my issues. He is well-spoken and intelligent and I believe he had my best interests at heart at all times. I was beyond pleased with my final judgement (didn’t think I would get the outcome I did) and I would recommend Scott to anyone in the area who needs a family law or custody lawyer. Most importantly I felt Scott and his firm were reasonable with the costs and understood that I was working on a budget. Although it was an unfortunate and trying experience, I felt I was in good hands the entire time and I’m very grateful to have had Scott on my side. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a family law or custody lawyer in the greater Philadelphia area. “


Saved My Sanity During Custody Battle

“Scott saved my life. I was going through a custody battle and my sons father had a very nasty lawyer. Scott came in last minute and was able to help negotiate everything without having a messy trial. Extremely professional and he didn’t nickel dime me. He actually cared about my case and made himself accessible whenever I needed him. I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone.”


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