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Think only millionaires need estate planning? Think again!

Attorney Scott Cohen and his associates believe that people at every stage of life, and at any stage of wealth, can benefit from comprehensive estate planning and care planning.

Estate Planning at Every Stage of Life

The Cohen Law Firm in Philadelphia serves individuals and families in the greater Philadelphia area, and many clients include:

  • Parents (single parents or coupled) who want to provide for their children;
  • Unmarried couples who nevertheless share their lives;
  • Blended families who need extra advice on how to join the families together;
  • High net worth individuals and families who want advice on how to minimize income and estate taxes;
  • Family business owners who want to protect their company, grow their company, or transfer ownership of the company to the next generation;
  • Estate executors and beneficiaries who need advice while acting as executor or going through probate administration; and
  • Trustees or family members who are executing a trust.

When we’ve got your plan in place, it doesn’t end there. We’ll keep you informed of changes that will affect you, and we’ll review your plan every three years free of charge to ensure your plan is current.

Legacy Administration – Passing on What Matters Most

We have a creative way of helping clients pass on what we call the “human assets” – the things that matter most to you beyond your financial assets. These things are ignored in most estate planning discussions, but we think they are the most important assets you have. Read more about how our firm can help you leave a legacy.

Annual Membership Programs

You may find that our Family Wealth Membership Program is right for you and your family. This annual membership program gives clients more access to guidance from our experienced attorneys, with benefits including:

  • Annual Plan Review with Unlimited Plan Amendments;
  • Annual Priceless Conversation to discuss what’s most important to you and how to transfer these things to whomever you choose;
  • Annual Review of Your Assets and Update of Your Asset Spreadsheet;
  • Online access 24/7 to guardianship documents and healthcare documents; and
  • Enrollment bonuses

Start Planning Your Family’s Future Today

If you’re ready to get started on the journey to protecting your family and their future, give us a call at (267) 238-3841. The Cohen Law Firm serves individuals and families in the greater Philadelphia area and surrounding counties, including Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Bucks County.

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